Mini break on Marskstien at Hostrups Hotel
Mini break on Marskstien at Hostrups Hotel
Mini break on Marskstien at Hostrups Hotel

Mini break on Marskstien at Hostrups Hotel

1 night – Hiking and self-indulgence at Hostrups Hotel

The marshes of Tøndermarsken are blessed with magnificent scenery, which you can see at close quarters while on a hike on Marskstien. On the 54-km-long trail you can experience dikes, canals, lakes and the area’s rich birdlife. Connected to Marskstien are 8 loops which make up short walking routes in their own right that all start and finish at the same point. These loops can be walked in a single day and are ideal if you’re looking to enjoy a short trip on Marskstien.

In this package you can combine good food and self-indulgence at Hostrups Hotel with a hike on two of the aforementioned loops starting in Tønder. If you’re feeling particularly energetic, you might be able to manage a loop on the day you arrive and one on the day of departure.
Red loop: Tønder, the lake at Nørresø and the pumping station at Lægan Pumpestation (10 km).
Black loop: Tønder and Møgeltønder (11 km).

Hostrups Hotel is situated in the centre of Tønder. Originally built in 1890, the hotel was comprehensively refurbished in 2018, with the historic settings being updated to welcome new guests. You can rest your aching feet before or after a hike in the beautiful rooms or at the hotel restaurant.

You can check into Hostrups Hotel after 3.00 p.m., with coffee and cake being served between three and four in the afternoon. If you arrive in Tønder in the morning, you have the option of walking one of the loops prior to checking in at the hotel. A 3-course dinner with a good glass of wine will be served in the hotel restaurant in the evening. 
Breakfast will be served in the restaurant the following morning, after which you can walk the second loop before heading home from Tønder. 

Enjoy 2 days in Tønder with this package.

Included in the package:
One night at Hostrups Hotel, incl. breakfast
Coffee and cake between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. on day of arrival
3-course dinner at the hotel restaurant + 2 glasses of wine on day of arrival
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