Gastronomiske oplevelser i Sønderjylland - Sønderjysk Kaffebord

Gastronomic experiences in Sønderjylland

Food and eating out in the region are characterised by enormous variety. Here you can experience delicious gourmet restaurants, cosy Danish inns and a wealth of exciting places to eat. Gastronomy in Sønderjylland also means world-class butchers’ traditions and of course the sumptuous spread of coffee and cakes that’s characteristic of the region! The latter two examples are closely linked to the region’s geography, as it makes up the border country between Denmark and Germany. 

Butchers’ traditions in Sønderjylland can be traced back to the period under German rule, when many German butchers moved to the region, whilst apprentices from the region often headed in the opposite direction to continue their education.

The tradition of the huge spread of cakes also stems from the period between 1864 and 1920. Citizens with Danish sympathies met in village halls, with participants at these meetings bringing cakes with them to be shared amongst the congregation.