Familie på cykelferie langs Flensborg Fjord

Cycling holiday in Sønderjylland

Go on a cycling holiday in Sønderjylland and enjoy an experience for life. Take on the third stage of the Tour de France 2022, enjoy a trip that takes in some of the many castles and manor houses in Sønderjylland, compete against your family or friends on mountain sprints, and much more besides. If you’re interested in cycling, you’re sure to find a package in Sønderjylland that suits you.

As a minimum, all packages include overnight accommodation and breakfast. In some cases, lunch and/or dinner, guidebook, baggage transfer, etc., are also included. You can read about what’s included by clicking on each package. If baggage transfer isn’t included in the package, it can often be purchased as an optional extra.

We continue to develop new packages, so drop by every now and again if you’re looking for new inspiration.

From tent to tent in Sønderjylland