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Gendarmstien from Skovby to Padborg

6 days - 19-25 km per day

Day 1

Arrival at Hotel Arnkilhus Garni between 3.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. Free parking is available at Hotel Arnkilhus Garni throughout the entire hike. We recommend that you explore Sønderborg on your first evening, where you can choose between a wide range of restaurants in the city.

Day 2 – distance 21 km

After you’ve eaten breakfast at Hotel Arnkilhus Garni and prepared your packed lunch for the day, AT Taxi will pick you up and take you to the start of Gendarmstien in Skovby. From Skovby, the 21-km route runs through fields, woodland and along the coastline, thus offering plenty of views of the bay of Sønderborg Bugt.

Following completion of the day’s stage, you’ll be staying for a second night at Hotel Arnkilhus Garni. Once again, you can eat out at one of Sønderborg’s many restaurants.

Day 3 – distance 19 km

Breakfast is at the hotel, where you can also make a packed lunch. The hike today runs over Dybbøl Banke and takes in Broagerland’s attractive countryside until the trail reaches Kragesand. From here, AT Taxi will drive you to Iller Slot, which is the next overnight venue. At Iller Slot, an evening meal in the hotel dining room is included in your stay.

Day 4 – distance 25 km

Breakfast is served in the dining room, where a packed lunch for the hike will also be provided. AT Taxi will then drive you back to Kragesand, where you ended the hike the previous day. From here, the route continues on Gendarmstien to Gråsten, where you can make a short detour into the town to see the royal palace at Graasten Slot. From Gråsten to Rinkenæs, which is the day’s final destination, the route runs through a varied landscape of beaches and fields. The night is spent at Benniksgaard Hotel, where dinner will be served in the hotel restaurant.

Day 5 – distance 21 km

At breakfast you can make a packed lunch for the day’s hike. The final 21 km of Gendarmstien are waiting to take you through woodland and past the border crossing at Skomagerhus. At the end of the hike in Padborg, AT Taxi will pick you up and drive you back to Sønderborg and Hotel Arnkilhus Garni. Once again, you can find somewhere to eat in the city of Sønderborg.

Day 6

Breakfast and departure.


Included in your stay:

5 nights

5 x breakfast

4 x packed lunch

2 x evening meal

4 x personal transfer

3 x baggage transport