Sønderjysk Kagefestival i Tønder
Sønderjysk Kagefestival i Tønder
Sønderjysk Kagefestival i Tønder
Sønderjysk Kagefestival i Tønder
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Cake Festival in Sønderjylland

In Southern Denmark we are famous for loving cake. The South Jutland Coffee Table (Danish “Sønderjysk Kaffebord”) is both a cultural heritage and a unique part of the Danish history during times of war and occupation.

With this festival we celebrate our love to cookies and cakes and with an extra portion of “hygge”.

Come join us in Tønder the 29th of April 2023.

Eat your way through the South Jutland's Coffee Table, when we open the gates for maybe Denmark’s biggest coffee and cake table. Taste some of the famous cakes and cookies from the traditional South Jutland Coffee Table which are known for their funny names. Try the delicious cookie “Ingenting” (in Englisch: Nothing) or Gode Råd (in English: Good advice).

In addition to the Cake-munching, there will be live music in the streets of Tønder, competitions and small workshops. Explore the cosy streets of Tønder – here you will find time to relax, eat lots of cake and maybe even shop through the shops that are stuffed with nordic designs.

Buy a ticket for the Sweetest Festival in Denmark – the Cake Festival in Sønderjylland, which will be held in Tønder in the city center on the 30th of April 2022. The ticket will grant you access to the full taste experience of the South Jutland’s Coffee Table, and will take you through both the famous recipes of the many soft and hard cakes.

Practical information:
The Cake Festival in Sønderjylland will be held in Tønder on the 29th of April 2023. Program will be announced.

After purchasing your ticket online, you must collect your entrance ticket and a map of the route on the day of the festival at “Vores Marsk” in Allegade 15 in Tønder – remember to bring your voucher from the online purchase.