A week-long hike on the Gendarme Path
A week-long hike on the Gendarme Path
A week-long hike on the Gendarme Path
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A week-long hike on the Gendarme Path

6 nights - Experience Gendarmstien 84 km, from Padborg to Skovby, all year round.

The Gendarmstien is Denmark's first hiking route to be named "Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe". This means that on the Gendarmstien you are walking on one of the best walking routes in Europe, where you will experience, among other things, beautiful landscapes, cultural sights and natural paths.

The Gendarme trail can be hiked all year round. When the leaves have fallen from the trees, calm settles over the Gendarmstien and when the trees turn green again, the path begins to buzz with life. No matter what time of year you want to hike the Gendarmstien, the accommodations along the path are ready to welcome you.

This package tour includes breakfast every morning and a packed lunch for all hiking days. Arrangements have been made for your luggage to be transported between the accommodations and individual passenger transport to and from the Gendarmstien.
Come to Sønderjylland and spend a week's hiking holiday along one of Denmark's most beautiful hiking routes, where you will get close to Sønderjyllands local population, nature and history.

NOTE: The package tour cannot be started on a Sunday or Tuesday due to accommodation closing days.


Day 1
Arrival at Bov Kro - check in from 3 p.m. If you arrive early, you can walk the first 4 kilometers of the Gendarmstien this day. The Gendarmstien starts at Gendarmhaven and you can walk along the Danish/German border before you have to leave the path to go to Bov Kro.
It is possible to eat dinner in the restaurant at Bov Kro (not included in the price). We recommend to make a reservation before arrival.

Day 2
After breakfast, it's time to lace up your boots and head towards the next accommodation, Benniksgaard Hotel. You can make a lunch to go for the trip. Today's trip goes through Kollund forest and Sønderhav, approximately 16 km. On the entire route you have a view of Flensburg Fjord. In the evening, dinner is served in the hotel's restaurant.

Day 3
Today the trip continues to Iller Strand, where the B&B Iller Slot is ready to welcome you. Today's route is both through town, coast and fields – 14 kilometres.
At Iller Slot, the dish of the day is served for dinner and you can relax in beautiful surroundings before
the next day's long hike. Iller Slot is a small B&B where guests are accommodated in private rooms that
share a bathroom with guests from one other room.

Day 4
Breakfast at Iller Slot and then a hike around Broagerland awaits. Today's hike is 21 km to the parking lot
at Gammelmark. Here you will be picked up by AT Taxi, who will drive you back to Iller Slot, for another
night. For dinner, the dish of the day is served.

Day 5
After breakfast you will be picked up by AT taxi and get transported back to to Gammelmark. You will
get a packed lunch for the trip from Iller Slot. From here you walk 17 km through the history of
Sønderjylland, as the Gendarmstien passes Dybbøl Mølle, the redoubts at Dybbøl and Sønderborg
Slot. Tonight you will spend the night at Als Kloster, where dinner will be served in the restaurant. At
Als Kloster it is possible to choose a room with its own bath/toilet for DKK 150. Otherwise, there will be
a toilet in the hallway which is shared with other guests.

Day 6
Today, there are 13 km left of the Gendarmstien, which ends in Skovby. The route goes through fields
and along the water, so plans have been made for a finish in peaceful and quiet surroundings.
In Skovby you will be picked up by AT taxi who will drive you back to Padborg. You check in again at Bov
Kro, where it is possible to have dinner in the restaurant (not included in the price). We recommend to
make a reservation before arrival.

Day 7
Breakfast and departure.

The package contains per person:
6 x Accommodation
6 x breakfast
5 x lunch box
4 x Dinner
Luggage transport between accommodations
Passenger transport between accommodation and Gendarmstien
Welcome package with map material for the Gendarmstien incl. one hiking guide book