A week-long hike on the Gendarme Path
A week-long hike on the Gendarme Path
A week-long hike on the Gendarme Path

A week-long hike on the Gendarme Path

6 nights – Walk in the footsteps of the Gendarmes and experience the full 84 km of the Gendarme Path from Padborg to Skovby. You can stay overnight at various places located along the Gendarme Path. Each place of accommodation includes breakfast and a packed lunch for your hiking trip.

This package enables you to spend a week’s hiking holiday on one of Denmark’s most beautiful hiking routes that takes you close to Sønderjylland’s local population, lovely countryside and fascinating history. 

Day 1: Arrival in Padborg
There’s no hiking on the first day. You can check in at the hotel at Bov Kro after 3 p.m. If you’re arriving at Padborg Station by train, Bov Kro is around 2 kilometres away. If you’re arriving in your own car, it can be parked at Bov Kro while you’re hiking. You’re welcome to eat your evening meal at the restaurant (not included). 

Day 2: From Padborg to Sønderhav – 14 km
After breakfast, you begin your hike on the Gendarme Path. The hotel will make you a packed lunch for your trip. From the hotel you need to walk a couple of kilometres until you reach the start of the Gendarme Path. The day’s hike offers attractive open landscapes, the forest at Kollund and views of Flensburg Fjord. 
You’ll be staying overnight in a holiday apartment at Visherredgaard, where your evening meal will be delivered from Hotel Sønderborg Strand. This meal will be a dish that can be heated in the kitchen of your apartment or enjoyed cold.
NB: On departure from Visherredgaard, you’ll be charged for your consumption of heat/electricity at DKK 2.50 per kWh. In addition, you must pay a deposit of DKK 500 for a key. Both charges must be paid directly to Visherredgaard. 

Day 3: From Sønderhav to Iller Strand near Brunsnæs – 20 km
Breakfast is at Visherredgaard, where you’ll be given a packed lunch to take with you on your hike. Today the route runs through Egernsund and onwards to Broagerland, where you’ll pass the former brickworks at Cathrinesminde, which is a museum today. The day ends at Iller Slot, where you can enjoy your evening meal.

Day 4: From Iller Strand to Gammelmark – 19 km 
After breakfast, your hike continues along the Gendarme Path on Broagerland. You can make a packed lunch at breakfast. In the evening you’ll be staying overnight at Gammelmark B&B, which is part of Gammelmark Strand Camping. You can buy food at the campsite’s grocery store and prepare your evening meal in the communal kitchen that’s attached to the apartments at Gammelmark B&B. 

Day 5: From Gammelmark to Høruphav – 17 km
At breakfast, you’ll be served a breakfast tray with extra bread and fillings so that you can make a packed lunch. Today you’ll be walking through the entrenchments at the site of the iconic windmill of Dybbøl Mølle and through the town of Sønderborg. Enjoy the historic surroundings on the way towards Als Kloster, which will be your overnight place of stay. Dinner will be served here.

Day 6: From Høruphav to Skovby (overnight stay at Bov Kro) – 13 km
The final day will see you completing the rest of the Gendarme Path. At Als Kloster there’s breakfast and a packed lunch for the trip. Enjoy the final 13 km of the beautiful Gendarme Path, where you’ll spend a lot of time walking along the water’s edge with views of Kegnæs. At Daglig’ Brugsen supermarket in Skovby you’ll be picked up by AT taxi and driven to Bov Kro, where you’ll be staying the night. You can eat at the restaurant at Bov Kro (not included).

Day 7: 
Breakfast at Bov Kro before departure.

On day 1 a welcome package will await you at Bov Kro. This package includes maps of the Gendarme Path, Gendarme Path pins, Sønderjylland magazine and the phone number of AT taxi. 

The overall package includes:
6 x night in a double room
6 x breakfast
3 x evening meal
5 x packed lunch
Welcome package
1 x transfer and 5 x baggage transport by AT taxi