Ticket to History Haderslev's Museums
Ticket to History Haderslev's Museums
Ticket to History Haderslev's Museums
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Ticket to History Haderslev's Museums

Unique experiences in Haderslev - Exceptional Danish cultural history.

With this combined ticket, you can visit the museums at Slotsgade 20 - 22, idyllically located in the historic Slotsgade district.

Ehlers Collection – A true treasure trove.
Northern Europe's largest collection of earthenware. Discover birthing pots, fish dishes, chamber pots, and other kitchenware. Exciting artist ceramics with works by Th. Bindesbøll, Ipsen's Widow, Kähler, Ipsen's Widow Hjort, and Saxbo.
A distinguished attraction started by Louis and Margrethe Ehlers in the 1930s that sheds light on the work of potters.

The House at Slotsgade 20 – Arguably the most famous house in Haderslev.
An atmospheric half-timbered house from the Renaissance with some of Denmark's finest wall paintings and ceiling paintings.

Von Oberberg's House – One of the great architects of the Renaissance.
The house of the master builder Hercules von Oberberg himself. Experience the house with rare wall paintings and the original cellar.

Von Oberberg's Garden.
The garden contains beautiful ornamental plants and many useful plants that were used in 16th-century households. A lovely retreat in Haderslev, where you are welcome to enjoy your packed lunch. In the summer period, coffee and wine can be purchased.