Sustainable Campfire Hut for All
Sustainable Campfire Hut for All
Sustainable Campfire Hut for All
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Sustainable Campfire Hut for All

Campfire hut with 2 shelters accessible for wheelchair users
Enjoy nature at Kær Vestermark - close to water and forest.

The campfire hut has two shelters with rotating walls. Each shelter accommodates 4-5 people.

The bonfire hut and the two shelters are booked together. Two different time slots can be booked:
From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
From 4:00 PM to 10:00 AM the next day.

The shelters are equipped with an integrated manual lift accessible from the hut side for wheelchair users and there is 220V available for charging electric wheelchairs. The campfire hut features a fire pit with a rotating grill and a large grill.

Anyone can book the campfire hut.

If you are a small group and do not wish to book in advance, we refer you to the small shelter site at Kærhalvø sti 12. There are 2 shelters available. These are free to use and cannot be booked in advance.

Access to the campfire hut and shelters is possible on foot, by bicycle, or by wheelchair.
Cars can be parked at Støvlen.
Note: The campfire hut is monitored for safety reasons.
To ensure everyone has a good experience, please follow these rules:
• You may stay here for two nights.
• Toilet visits should be made at Støvlen or Sønderborg Nature Center.
• Drinking water is available during the frost-free period at the campfire hut (please let the water run for a bit first).
• You may use the firewood provided in the hut (we replenish it regularly, but to be sure, please bring your own firewood – use only dry wood to avoid excessive smoke in the hut).
• You may not collect firewood from the forest.
• You may not light fires anywhere other than the campfire hut's fire pit.
• You must take your trash with you or sort it into the bins provided in the campfire hut.
• You must treat the facilities with care.
• Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the shelter site.
• Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times during your stay and at Kær Vestermark.

Enjoy your stay!
Campfire Hut Address: Skydebanevej 3a, 6400 Sønderborg