Shelter site at Kær Vestermark
Shelter site at Kær Vestermark
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Shelter site at Kær Vestermark

Enjoy the countryside at Kær Vestermark – close to the water and the forest.

This large site has 5 shelters and two bonfire.
Each shelter can accommodate 4-5 people.

The shelter site can be booked by large groups, institutions, etc.
Individuals, families and small groups are also welcome to book a shelter.

If you’re a small group and don’t wish to book in advance, we recommend that you use the smaller shelter site on Kærhalvø path 12, which has 2 shelters available. These shelters are free to use and cannot be booked in advance.

You can reach the shelters on foot, by bike, on horseback or by canoe/kayak.
In order to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay, please observe the following rules:
• You may stay here for up to 48 hours
• If you need the toilet, visit Støvlen or Sønderborg Naturcenter
• Water is available at Støvlen and Sønderborg Naturcenter
• You may use the firewood that is at the site (to a limited extent)
• You must not fetch firewood in the forest
• You must not light fires anywhere other than at the designated sites
• You must take all your waste with you
• Treat everything with due care
• Adjust your noise level to the other guests at the site
• Use of motive power to reach the shelter site is not permitted
• Dogs must be kept on a leash throughout your stay and at Kær Vestermark
Enjoy your visit!

Shelter address: Kærhalvø Sti 8
6400 Sønderborg