MOJN Tent - Aabenraa City Camping
MOJN Tent - Aabenraa City Camping
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MOJN Tent - Aabenraa City Camping

At this small, cosy campsite on the outskirts of Aabenraa, you’re close to the forest, the beach and the town.

Aabenraa City Camping offers good service buildings that feature a kitchen and covered terrace, as well as washing machine and tumble dryer. There’s also an option to order a breakfast buffet and breakfast rolls and pastries in the main building. As the campsite is a BIKEFRIEND, you can also borrow a toolbox if your cycle is in need of service or repair before you head out on your way.

The tent is equipped with 2 camp beds, along with duvet, pillow and blanket to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. In addition, there’s a dining table, 2 chairs, 2 stools, a lamp and an electric kettle, which can be used inside the tent or out front. The tent is also equipped with a box that contains tableware, cutlery, glasses, washing-up bowl, tea towels, etc., thus enabling you to make food in the campsite’s kitchen. The tent doesn’t have a fridge or icebox.

The wide tent canopy enables you to sit under cover in front of the tent and helps keep any rain out of the entrance. The tepee-like tent has a diameter of 5 m and a maximum height of 3.30 m at the centre. You can comfortably stand up in the tent and it has a solid base.

Dogs are permitted in the tent (for an additional fee).

Tent specifications:
Model: Giant Fir
Manufacturer: De Waard
Material: Cotton canvas from TenCate, steel.