HighPark Sønderjylland – High Rope
HighPark Sønderjylland – High Rope
HighPark Sønderjylland – High Rope
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HighPark Sønderjylland – High Rope

Do you have courage, strength and balance- and are you ready for a natureexperience far beyond the normal.

HighPark is a ropes course, that opened for the first time in June 2015. The course is situated in a beautiful natural area, in a tunnel valley, which was developed in the Ice Age, which means that there are slopes on both sides, as well as a creek that meanders at the bottom. There are 6 courses that require courage and strength.
Each course has 12 different obstacles, of which at least 2 on each course are ropeways. The longest one is about 100m long. On the highest point you are ca. 25m above the ground. This can appear as really high, if the tree is moving in the wind at the same time. But you don’t need to be afraid, the safety is really good.
You are equipped with professional climbing equipment and you get adequate instructions before you are allowed to climb on your own. You can climb for up to 4 hours, inclusive instructions. To be able to book a time for climbing, following conditions must be met.

- You are at least 6 years old and 120 cm high and accompanied by an adult.
- You are not pregnant.
- You have no problems with breathing, your heart, or neck and back.
- You weigh less than 120 kg.
- By arrival you are under no circumstances allowed to be influenced by alcohol or other intoxicants.

After climbing it is possible to eat in our favourite pancake-house, in which we serve sweet and hearty pancakes. You are also welcome to bring your own food, which can be eaten on our terrace. We are looking forward to giving you a fantastic experience that you will be remembering for a long time. You can read more on our homepage www.highparksoenderjylland.dk. Are you more people, than you can book, please contact us on the phone on +4574698927, or write us an e-mail on info@highparksoenderjylland.dk. We are open in the summertime from easter until around October 20th.