Gendarme Path Hiking Guide
Gendarme Path Hiking Guide
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Gendarme Path Hiking Guide

Practical hiking guide to all 84 km of the Gendarme Path. The route follows the coast from the Danish-German border at Padborg to Skovby on southern Als, and passes through a varied landscape of woodland, bogs and meadows.

Between 1920 and 1958, Gendarmes patrolled the route, which today has been certified as a European Leading Quality Trail. By following in the footsteps of the Gendarmes, you have the chance to enjoy unique experiences at any time of the year and to visit some of Sønderjylland’s historic attractions.

The Gendarme Path is divided into 5 stages, each of which takes a day to complete. If you don’t fancy hiking 5 days straight, you can always come back and walk a new stage at a later date.

Each of the 5 stages has a 1:30,000 scale map. The maps have symbols showing toilet facilities, public transport, shops and other things you may need on your trip.

In addition to the maps, the book’s 77 pages have descriptions of the routes, information about things to see, the countryside and other practical information. The book is issued in a compact format which is easy to carry and can also be read once you’re underway.

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