The ferry Bitten
The ferry Bitten
The ferry Bitten
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The ferry Bitten

The ferry Bitten crossing every day Als Fjord, on her many trips between Ballebro in Jutland and Hardeshøj on Nordals. From early morning to evening, you can catch the ferry 2 times per hour from each side.

It is not possible to book tickets for a specific ferry departure, you come on board in the order you arrive at check-in.

The trip takes about 10 minutes and along the way you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and maybe catch a glimpse of the many porpoises, which is in the waters around Nordals.

You can catch the ferry from Ballebro 2 times per hour, quarter to and quarter past and from Hardeshøj 2 times per hour, full and half

The ferry Bitten welcome you aboard to the most beautiful, greenest, cheapest and shortest shortcut to Nordals.

From departure to arrival, it is our job to fit the time. Meanwhile, you can use it for something useful.
Old wisdom says that it is the pause that gives sense to the journey. For it is here that you will stop to see what has been achieved and what needs to be done.
Let go of the steering wheel. Breathe deeply. Feel the fresh air and relax while enjoying the view and the landscape.
Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, it's a good way to prepare yourself.
So are you ready to proceed when we arrive.

It is free to bring your bike on the ferry.

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