Christie's Sdr. Hostrup Kro
Christie's Sdr. Hostrup Kro
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Christie's Sdr. Hostrup Kro

Good times in good company demand great surroundings and service. You will feel welcome everywhere in the exciting surroundings of Christie's Sdr. Hostrup Kro.

Local gastro inn in a relaxed atmosphere where seasonal vegetables and herbs are grown delicately in the inn's own well-stocked kitchen garden.

In week 9, the Gourmet Week menu consists of 4 courses.

Marinated salmon with apple brandy, quail egg, and apple/celery salad.
Vol au vent with a simple dip, bacon crunch, and parsley sticks.
Roasted beef tenderloin with creamy kale, Pommes Macaire, herb glaze, and crispy kale.
Bread cake as an ice cream cake with warm chocolate sauce.