Christie's Sdr. Hostrup Kro
Christie's Sdr. Hostrup Kro
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Christie's Sdr. Hostrup Kro

Having a good time in good company requires pleasant surroundings and excellent service.

You’ll feel welcome everywhere in the exciting surroundings at Christie’s Sdr. Hostrup Kro. Local gastro-inn in a relaxed atmosphere in which the season’s vegetables and herbs are carefully grown in the inn’s own, well-stocked kitchen garden.

In week 9 the Gourmet week menu consists of a starter, a main course and a dessert.
Creamy porcini mushroom soup with baked haddock.
Poached eggs from Jens & Niels with hollandaise sauce.
Slow-roasted pork shoulder with root vegetables.
Panna Cotta med salt caramel and vanilla ice cream made from delicious dairy milk from Kisbæk Gårdmejeri.