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South Jutland coffee table in Gråsten

The big cake orgy - South Jutland coffee table. It is only in Southern Jutland that it can be experienced - and in our days not quite many places: The large South Jutland coffee table.

No one knows exactly how the tradition has arisen and why right here. But surely it is that the Southern Jews have a good appetite and would like to have a bit of "the sweet tooth". Little is not the right word in this regard. There are (hold!) 29 kinds of cake on the table when Den Gamle Kro opens the doors for the big orgy in coffee and soft bread.

The names of all the delights can get most Danes residing north of the Kongeåen to bounce. But they like to come from afar to taste Svedsketorte, Pumler (buns), "Striftorte" (with stripes), Bread teas, Riskage, Medals, "Good advice" (Remember: Advice is pronounced "raj" with laaangt a) for now deleted not to talk about "Pla'kach (from the roasting pan to understand)," Kikskach "and the very special concept" Stopkach "- the one who must saturate well, so that it does not go too hard on the finer things like French Waffles. There is now no one at Den Gamle Kro standing and controlling the guests at The Great South Jutland Coffee Table, which is set up as a booming buffet. Good with coffee it also requires. And for beginners maybe a little linguistic / culinary guide.

It's all there at Den Gamle Kro. And it's all homemade
Children 0-2 years are free, if they don't occupy a seat.