Experiences and attractions Gourmet Week

Det Gamle Rådhus, Gråsten

You will be sent back in time when you step into the pleasant restaurant at DET GAMLE RÅDHUS in Gråsten. We make our food from scratch with an eye to organic and local ingredients.

Again, this year we have chosen to participate in the Southern Jutlandic Gourmet Week. We think it is an excellent opportunity to promote our beautiful region and the vast gastronomic culture in the area.
In this year’s gourmet menu, we have chosen to collect the best from Southern Jutland. You will have a culinary experience based on the good local ingredients we use every day. We hope that you will leave with the impression that food is our great passion at DET GAMLE RÅDHUS.

Don’t miss out on a delicious gourmet experience for you and your loved ones at DET GAMLE RÅDHUS in Gråsten. We’ve gone the extra mile in terms of ingredients and put together an exquisite 3-course menu.

DET GAMLE RÅDHUS offers a delicious gourmet experience consisting of 3 courses:
Salmon in 3 different ways: Gravlax with mustard dressing, spooned raw salmon and fried salmon served with cucumber cream, bread, butter and tapenade

Roast fillet of veal with vegetables of the day, pommes anna and 2 different sauces

Gateau Marcel with ice cream and sorbet

NB: Tickets must be purchased 24 hours before arrival.
Tickets are non-refundable and non-changeable.
Ticket sales start Monday 20. January 2020 at 12.00.