Vinsmagning torsdag den 7. juni
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Winetasting Thursday the 7th of June

Thursday the 7th of june at 18,30 o´clock, you can join the exciting winetasting at Storetorv. Kasper and Emil from Vin og Gastro and Carstensens Tehandel will guide you through the evening, and Naturmælk will serve a dellicious cheeseplate.

At 18 o´clock: Arriving in the tent. – It is NOT possible to reserve seats.
At 18.30 the winetasting starts. The two winespecialists, Emil and Kasper, from Vin og Gastro and Carstensens Tehandel, will guide you through each of the 4 different wines they brought with them. They will tell you good stories and anecdotes. At the same time you will have the opportunity to taste the delicious cheeses from our local dairy - Naturmælk.
The tasting will end at around 21.30 o´clock. It is possible to buy wines for a special price that evening. The bar is open until 23 o ´clock.