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Wine tasting at Årø Winery

Join us at Årø Winery for a tour through our Danish wine production while tasting 3 of our favourite wines. Learn about the history of Danish wine production while you visit the fantastic island of Årø
This tour experience includes a guided walking tour of the estate including our production facilities and our wine fields. The tour takes approx. two hours.

Lisbeth and I took over Årø Winery from Svend Aage and Laila Hansen right before harvest in 2015. But the idea to start Årø Winery goes back to 2004 where Svend Aage had the first idea to plant some vines just to try if it was possible. From 2004 to 2007 further vines were planted so Årø Winery I total reached 2200 vines. At the same time a winery was built in Svend Aages barn and the productions equipment was bought.

In 2007, Årø Winery was open and able to sell its own wines and also opened up for visitors.
Since, 7 years have past with production of own wines together with a constant positive development in the amunt of visitors both for Årø and for the winery. The winery has at the moment approx. 20.000 visitors every year and during the season we have a lot of winetastings for groups or companies.
At the same time where Lisbeth and I took over the winery, 3400 more plants were planted. They were planted in spring 2015 but unfortunately it requires some patience, which means that we have to wait until 2018 before we can harvest from the new plants.

What makes Årø a good place to produce wine in Denmark? One could actually say, that the view the plants have makes the diffenrence. A small island like Årø which is surrounded by water has a whole different climate than if just go a few miles into the mainland. The largest differnc is the amount of of frost during the spring and autumn months. At Årø we do not experience frost in these periods and this is a big advantage for the wine production. Also the water surrounding us gives us a bit more sun than one has at the mainland.

We want our guests to experince Årø the way we like the island. To enjoy nature and the tranquility is a big part of being on a small island like ours. This is why we have built a visitors building with a fantastic view to Lillebælt, situated in one of our winefields. When you visit the Wineyard there is a great opportunity to enjoy a glas of our own wines on the patio or in the cosy barn. You also have the opportunity to take a walk in the winefield and see how we work with our plants.