Visit 5 castles in Sønderjylland in 5 days
Visit 5 castles in Sønderjylland in 5 days
Visit 5 castles in Sønderjylland in 5 days
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Visit 5 castles in Sønderjylland in 5 days

5 days – 5 castles. 
The tour runs past the castles of Brundlund, Nordborg, Augustenborg, Sønderborg and Gråsten.

Day 1: 0 km 
On the first day there’s time to visit Brundlund Castle. Today the castle is home to the Art Museum Brundlund Castle, whose collection consists of works by local artists from the 18th century up to the present day. Sculptures are exhibited in the castle gardens, whilst you can get something to eat in the museum’s café. Visit one of the many restaurants in Aabenraa for your evening meal.
We reccomend that you order a lunch to go from the hotel reception, to take with you on day 2.
You’ll be staying overnight at Hotel Europa. If you arrive by car it is possible to park close to Hotel Europa, at Reberbanen 3, 6200 Aabenraa. Here you can park your car for the next 4 days. 

Day 2: 47 km 
The day’s route runs from Aabenraa to Nordborg.
Offering splendid views of Aabenraa fjord, part of the route runs through hilly terrain over Varnæs towards Ballebro, where the Bitten ferry sails across Als fjord from Jutland to Hardeshøj. From Hardeshøj, you cycle through the nature reserve at Naturpark Nordals, where you have the chance to experience the countryside and wildlife at first hand. You can also take the opportunity for a break before cycling the final few kilometres to the town of Nordborg, where you can make a tour of Nordborg Castle and the lake at Nordborg Sø.
Overnight stay at Hotel Nørherredhus. 

Day 3: 40 km 
From Nordborg to Sønderborg.
After breakfast at the hotel, the trip follows minor roads to Augustenborg Palace, where you can eat lunch and take a break in the palace’s beautiful and historic surroundings. Go for a walk in the palace gardens and visit a small museum that charts the pivotal role played by Augustenborg Palace in the Duchy down through the ages. You can also visit Augustiana Art Park and Art Gallery, which exhibits contemporary art both indoors and outdoors.
After your visit to Augustenborg, you cycle into Sønderborg, where you’ll cross the finishing line of the third stage of Tour de France 2022. In the evening, you can go for a walk in Sønderborg and eat dinner at one of the town’s many restaurants.
Overnight stay at Hotel Sønderborg Strand.

Day 4: 39 km 
From Sønderborg to Gråsten. 
Start the day with a visit to Sønderborg Castle and learn more about the history of Sønderjylland over the last 800 years. Eat lunch in town before heading off to Gråsten Palace. The route begins with a climb up to the entrenchments at Dybbøl Banke, which is actually a downhill section on the Tour stage itself. At Gråsten you can visit the Royal Kitchen Garden, where you can enjoy afternoon tea or coffee in the café. If the royal family aren’t in residence at the palace, you can also go for a walk in the palace gardens.
You stay overnight at Hotel Egely in Gråsten.

Day 5: 27 km 
From Gråsten to Aabenraa. 
On the final stage of the route, you cycle along the Tour de France route through quaint villages on the road to Aabenraa. You’ll also pass Krusmølle en route, where you can eat lunch and top up your energy reserves in preparation for the final few kilometres to Aabenraa.
In the evening you’ll arrive back at Hotel Europa, where you’ll be staying overnight before your departure the following day.

This package do not include bike rent. Bring your own.