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Taste, Smiles and Wellies - Summermarket at Krusmølle

It is summer, there will be sunshine from a blue sky and the birds are chipping. Explore our market with your family explore with your eyes, tongue and nose. There are activities for both the adults and children.
Local producers are at the market showing

At Taste, Smiles and Wellies you need to be wearing your wellies and explore the area around our farm where this summer market is held.
We have a ton different activities, walking around the market you will find different show kitchens which might inspire you in your own cooking. We usually have a guest from the Danish gastronomical world, last year it was Anne Hjernøe the year before it was Nikolaj Kirk.

Activities you will find could be:
- The annual picks run
- Sailing on the lake
- Shooting with an arrow
- Music
And many, many other activities.

It is our 4th year with Try, Smile and Wellies and it has been a fantastic success with over 4000 guests.