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Salutation from Kronprinsen Kanonbatteri

Come along and experience history up close, when the cannoneers salute the 18-pounds cannons at Sønderstrand.

Come and hear more about Aabenraa's maritime history, the English Wars in 1801-1814, and why Aabenraa has a "Kronprinsens Kanonbatteri" (the Crown Prince's Cannon Battery).

From the meeting place at "Under Sejlet", the drummer leads you down Sønderstrand and out to the cannon battery, which is a reconstruction of the battery that was built on site in 1807.

The cannon corps in their historical uniforms will show and tell how they charge an 18-pound charger. During the salute, for safety reasons, the audience must go outside the barrier.

Meeting place: The car park at Under Sejlet, Flensborgvej 15, 6200 Aabenraa.
This tour is in Danish.