Experiences and attractions For Nature Lovers

Riding a Segway on a Segway-parcour (30 min.)

Ride on an outdoor Segway parcour – a challenge for children (40 kg+) and adults at every age. During your visit, it is also possible to visit the Fairytale Forest and enjoy the view over “The Small Sea” - a fun activity for the whole family!

After a thorough introduction by one of our competent guides, you can practice driving the Segway on the Segway parcour, where you can and challenge your friends, family or other drivers. The parkour is 2500 m2 with challenges for children, adults, beginners and advanced Segway users.

During your visit, it is also possible to go on a tour in the Fairytale Forrest, which is located close to the Segway parcour. Here you’ll get a feel of driving in nature and there is a beautiful view at “The Small Sea”.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend a height of at least 120 cm and a weight of approx. 40 kg (equivalent to 10-11 years of age). You can drive on the parcour even if you are less than 16 years old. Everybody is welcome at the Segway parcour.