Reunion 1920 – Sønderborgs history
Reunion 1920 – Sønderborgs history
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Reunion 1920 – Sønderborgs history

On a walk through the city anno 1920, you can experience the rush of the history from when Southern Jutland came home to Denmark.

How did Danish- and German-minded persons get along with each other? How was the vote in practice? In addition, how did they get hold of flag and flagpoles that they have not had in Sønderborg for 50 years?

Take a city walk in Sønderborg where we start at the fallen memorial of the participation in World War I at the church square, wander through the streets with houses from this time to Sønderborg Barracks, where you hear about the construction of Sønderborg city. On the walk along the harbour to the castle, you will experience the tensions that were in national circles at that time and at the town hall, you will hear, among other things, about the reunion party at Dybbøl Banke.

Languages: Danish and German
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Meeting place: Memorial stone, Church square at Sct. Marie Church (Parking), 6400 Sønderborg

Tickets can only be purchased online at least 24 hours before. There is a limited number of tickets on sale because of Corona virus. We reserve the right to cancel tours in case of changes in restrictions.

Photo Dybbøl: Copyright Sønderborg Lokalarkiv