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Rent a mountainbike

The opportunities to experience and explore Haderslev by mountainbike both in the stunning and hilly forests and in the open land are endless. If you are a hardcore mountainbiker then you should experience the mountainbike trail in Pamhule Forest.

Pick a bike that matches your height:
Small: You are 140 – 165 cm. tall
Large: You are above 165 cm. tall

Bicycle helmet included.

Pick-up place: Danhostel Haderslev, Erlevvej 34, 6100 Haderslev

Tour suggestions:
Go for a ride in the forest – it is a great cycling trip based in Haderslev. The trip follows the Geheimeråds path to the Deer Park, Pamhule Forest and around Hindemade lake. There is a high probability to get close to the game in the Deer Park. On the way you can also make a stop at Sophies spring to taste the fresh water.

Go for a ride in the country – and enjoy the stunning view by the coast. From Haderslev the route goes to Haderslev Næs from where you can go around Slivsøen or a trip across Diernæs and Vikær. From here you can continue to Sønderballe where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Genner beach and Kalvø. A trip to Kalvøstien is definitely worth considering when you are in the area. Follow the Ancient Road home to Haderslev again.

Challenge yourself with rugged terrain on the mountainbike trail in Pamhule Forest. Download the map at http://acturepark.dk/contacts/outdoor.6891/mountainbike-rute-i-pamhule-skov.7290

Bicycles must be booked 5 days before the trip at the latest.