Renæssance-buffet, gøgl og lystige toner.
Renæssance-buffet, gøgl og lystige toner.
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Renaissance buffet, all the fun of the fair, and merry tunes.

Merry entertainers, skilled musicians, sly foxes, and jokers stand ready behind the curtains when Hertug Hans Festival invites to an exclusive renaissance buffet with delicious food.

While you enjoy a splendid and well-prepared buffet consisting of a full-bodied soup, lutendrank-marinated venison pâté, salad with sea buckthorn and dressing, grilled chicken with tasty pointed cabbage, pig neck with seasoned baked apples, raisins, and onions as well as several rustic salads with coarse-grained sweets, ginger purée and home stirred renaissance mustard the festive musical group Moro will play merry songs.

Moro is only one of the bits. The evening also offer plenty of fun surprises that are guaranteed to make the laughing barometer go crazy. Come as you are or take a trip back in time with a hat, a scarf or a nice dress.

Obviously, a night like this doesn’t come without dessert. Here we will serve rhubarb pie on the table with drained off vanilla junket.