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Pickled egg board

Pickled eggs are a regional dish from Sønderjylland, and can be served on this attractive wooden board that can hold up to 10 pickled eggs.

The board has the following dimensions: L:50 cm W:15 cm H:2.5 cm and has 10 hollows where the pickled eggs can be placed. Furthermore, the pickled egg board is decorated with a MOJN Destination Sønderjylland logo.

The pickled egg board is available from the tourist office in Sønderborg, Perlegade 50, 6400 Sønderborg, or can be forwarded by PostNord for an extra fee. Shipping takes place within 3 working days.

All you need to make this fantastic regional dish are eggs, water, salt, onion, mustard, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. The recipe appears below:

Boil 5 eggs for 20 minutes in water to which onion peel or fresh red cabbage has been added. Onion and red cabbage help give the eggs colour. Put the eggs and onion peel in cold water after boiling. Now tap the egg so that the shell cracks, but make sure that the shell remains on the egg. Now put the cracked egg in a container and pour in a brine solution consisting of 1 litre of water and 100 grams of salt. Close the container and put it in the fridge for at least 3 days, or preferably for a week or two.

When serving the eggs, remove the shell, cut the eggs in half and remove the yolk. Fill the void with a little mustard, a couple of drops of vinegar and oil, salt and pepper. You can also pour a little Tabasco into the hole if you’re feeling brave. Then put the yolk back into the hole and place the egg on the pickled egg board. Schnapps or good beer makes a perfect accompaniment to pickled eggs.