Die Königstour des Austernfestivals
Die Königstour des Austernfestivals
Die Königstour des Austernfestivals
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Oyster Festival royal trip

Welcome to a historical oyster trip. This fascinating trip takes you through the breathless history of the oyster – at the very place where it all happened, in the realms of kings and castles near the Wadden Sea.

The Wadden Sea was the production site, and several centuries ago oysters were a royal privilege and became an internationally important export item that was in great demand amongst royal families throughout Europe and by the Russian Empress Catherine the Great. If you wanted to make an impression, then oysters from the Wadden Sea were the thing to have – and the price was sky-high. The Danish King owned the rights to the oysters and exercised these rights through both power and diplomacy using oyster bailiffs and gunboats which prevented illegal fishing, with those caught undergoing trial and even risking the death penalty.

The trip begins at Schackenborg Castle in Møgeltønder and concludes at the oyster export site of Østershuset in Højer. The trip is spiced with a serving of 4 delicious Wadden Sea oysters prepared by Oyster King, accompanied – inevitably – by champagne.

The trip lasts around 2½ hours
We recommend practical, warm, windproof and waterproof clothing.
At Trøjborg Castle, Oyster King Jesper Voss serves 2 European oysters and 2 Pacific oysters from the Wadden Sea, accompanied by a glass of champagne.

The trip takes place in your own car.