Das Nordlicht der Marsch und Schwarze Sonne
Das Nordlicht der Marsch und Schwarze Sonne
Das Nordlicht der Marsch und Schwarze Sonne
Das Nordlicht der Marsch und Schwarze Sonne
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The Northern Light of the Marsh and Black Sun

Sort Safari® offers this amazing birdwatching tour to the “Bird-Paradise” the Wadden Sea National Park. Watch the beautiful light over the marsh area and experience the most fantastic natural phenomenon created by thousands of birds swirling in the rays of light.

The Northern Light of the Marsh is a fantastic sight when the big flocks of waders are swirling through the air, twisting and turning all at the same time. The birds have dark feathers on their bags and bright feathers at their bellies and when they turn around midair it sparkle and shines almost as a glimpse of the Northern Light. It’s magical and as beautiful as the natural phenomenon Black Sun.

Our tour ends with the breathtaking sigh of Black Sun.This is the magical natural phenomenon when thousands of starlings shape-shift and “dance” at the evening sky. Sort Safari® will introduce you to Denmark’s largest flocks of starlings spending their days searching for food in the marshland and Wadden Sea area. At sunset the starlings gather to roost knowing that it’s a matter of life and death when hungry predator birds set in an attack.

You can look forward to experiencing a world class natural phenomenon including a warm meal at the beautifully restored farm in the marshlands around Ballum called Klægager - Den Gamle Digegreves Gård.

The tour lasts about 6 hours, incl. guide and bus ride (with less than 20 participants we go in private cars)
Remember to bring your passport, we might cross the border

We recommend warm, wind- and waterproof clothing and practical shoes (Wellingtons)
Bring binoculars and an outdoor seat cushion