Mountain sprints in Aabenraa
Mountain sprints in Aabenraa
Mountain sprints in Aabenraa

Mountain sprints in Aabenraa

Take your family or friends to Aabenraa and compete against each other on two wheels. Enjoy a couple of days in Sønderjylland that combine having fun with plenty of healthy exercise.

The final Danish “mountain” sprint in the 2022 edition of Tour de France runs through Sønderjylland. Now you have the chance to compete against your travelling companions on this and two other “mountains” in Sønderjylland.

Suggested itinerary:
Day 1:
Arrival at Hotel Fjordlyst. The Hotel isn’t far from the centre of Aabenraa, so it’s possible to go for a ride in the town before heading out to the mountain stages. 

Day 2:
Make sure you eat a hearty breakfast, as you’ll need all your energy today! After breakfast, get your cycle ready and ride north for around 17 km to Genner. On Sønderballevej you find the official Tour de France mountain sprint, which is also your first mountain sprint. Choose a point at the foot of the hill and race to see who’s first to reach the summit.

Running parallel to Sønderballevej is Sønder Havvej, which leads to the day’s second mountain sprint. Sønder Havvej is somewhat steeper than Sønderballevej, but has been rejected by the organisers of Tour de France due to its narrowness, as there isn’t enough space for cars and spectators. Start your sprint from the bottom of the hill at Naturperlen and see who gets to the summit first. We recommend that you make a “finishing line” at Sønder Havvej 2, which is a small carpark that can also double as a refreshment stop before continuing on your way.

After a morning featuring several races, we expect that you’ll be hungry. We recommend stopping at the pancake restaurant at Genner Hoel Pandekagehus, where you can treat yourselves to a delicious and filling lunch. If you have any energy left, then continue the competition in the treetops at High Park, which is situated adjacent to the pancake house.

Day 3:
The day’s mountain sprint lies south of Aabenraa on Møllevej, which runs from Aabenraa Fjord to the small town of Felsted. It’s around 6 km from reception at your overnight venue to the bottom of Møllevej. 
If you’re feeling up to it, you can take on a long mountain sprint of 4 km by taking the road from start to finish – start down by the fjord at Varnæsvej. The road gradually climbs up from the fjord to Felsted, so you can always make do with a shorter sprint if you prefer.

Note that there can be traffic on all three roads. Be aware of cars and remember to observe the rules of the road.
It goes without saying that we recommend that you cycle from your overnight venue to the sprints, but you can also drive by car and park close to the respective starting points.

NB: Cycle hire is NOT included in your stay! If you want to hire bikes, you can contact the place at which you’re staying on +45 7462 2699 to reserve bikes that will be ready for you when you arrive.