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The Marsh Trail for families with children

4 nights – pack the kids and your hiking boots, head for the marshes at Tøndermarsken and enjoy an experience for both young and old alike. The Marsh Trail is a 54-km hiking trail which takes you through Denmark’s largest area of marshland, Tøndermarsken. In August 2021 the Trail was rewarded with Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe from the European Ramblers Association.

Once on the Marsh Trail you’ll be surrounded by the unique scenery of the region. How many seals, for example, can you count in the stream of Vidå? Who’ll be the first to see a sea trout? Who can run fastest up and down the dykes? How many sheep can you count in an hour? In short, the Marsh Trail provides plenty of opportunities to combine fun, games, learning and exercise. Actually, you can’t find anything better anywhere else, in our opinion.


You can read more about the individual stages of the hike below. Find info about overnight accommodation and length of the stage, as well as one or two particular places or activities that we’d recommend for families with children (up to 12 years).


Day 1 – optional 8 – 9 km

Arrival at Marskhotellet in Højer. There’s no hiking planned on the first day, so you have the chance to explore Højer. If you feel that the leg on day 2 is too long for your family, you can choose to walk part of the route on day 1. The trip up around Emmelev Klev is around 8-9 km and is a very beautiful hike which you really shouldn’t miss out on. You can also combine the walk with a visit to the windmill at Højer Mølle, which is close to where you’ll be spending the night. The windmill boasts a brand new exhibition which makes it a perfect starting point for the next few days that await you in the marshes.

Check-in at the hotel is from 2.00 p.m.

In the evening, a marsh platter featuring local specialities will be served at Marskhotellet.

If you arrive by car, you can park at the hotel while you’re out hiking.


Day 2 – approx. 15 or 23 km

After breakfast, you’ll receive a packed lunch for the day’s hike. You can then set off on your hike – or continue that of the previous day. The stage ends in Rudbøl, where you’ll be staying the night at Rudbøl Grænsekro. Dinner is served at the inn.


On the hike from Højer to Rudbøl, you’ll come across Hohenwarte farm stay holidays. You’re welcome to drop in and buy an ice cream or something to drink. Children are also very welcome to pat or stroke some of the many different animals. You may be lucky enough to pay a visit on a day when Hohenwarte serves the traditional spread of coffee and cakes characteristic of Sønderjylland. If there are places available, then this comes highly recommended. Just before you arrive in Rudbøl, keep an eye on the road: on one side of the road, you’ll be walking in Denmark, whilst on the other side you’ll be in Germany. Keep an eye on the traffic and stand in the middle of the road with one foot in each country.


Day 3 – approx. 16 km

After enjoying your breakfast buffet, you’ll be given your packed lunch for the trip. The day’s route runs from Rudbøl and follows the stream of Vidå to Tønder, where you’ll spend the night in a lovely apartment at Motel Apartments. Dinner isn’t included, but the apartment has a kitchen, so you can make your own food if you wish. If you’d rather let others do the cooking after a long day, it’s only 200 metres to the town’s pedestrian precinct, which has several places to eat.


Before you reach Tønder, you’ll pass Lægan Pumpestation, which we warmly recommend that you visit and see the pumping station’s new exhibition that opened in 2021. Young and old alike can learn more about the water in the Wadden Sea and the draining of the marshes. The exhibition is interactive and very interesting – also for children. Admission is free for both adults and children.


Day 4 - 15 km

Breakfast buffet and a packed lunch are provided ahead of the last leg of the trip. The day’s route runs through the attractive village of Møgeltønder and back to Marskhotellet in Højer, where your tour of Tøndermarsken ends.

On your way through Møgeltønder you can rest your weary feet at the newly opened café in one of the stables of Schackenborg Castle. On selected days, you can also join a guided tour of the castle.



Purchase of baggage transport is an optional extra. Contact Destination Sønderjylland on +45 8182 4570 or

On arrival at Marskhotellet, each party will receive a welcome package consisting of a letter of welcome, a map of the route and a brochure.