Lav din egen gyserfilm
Lav din egen gyserfilm
Lav din egen gyserfilm
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Make your own horror movie

Want to learn how to make films? Are you good at telling spooky stories? Now you have the chance to make a film that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Mysterious goings-on are afoot at the museum at night. A very rare and valuable museum exhibit has disappeared without a trace from the “Death at Sea” exhibition. There are no signs of a break-in, but someone or something is up to no good, leaving behind puzzling clues in the middle of the night.

The “Death at Sea” exhibition is all about the treacherous life on the Seven Seas marked by terrible pirate attacks, devastating shipwrecks, hair-raising death omens and lost sailors.

In the film workshop, you learn how to make films. But first you have to look for a good story in the museum’s “Death at Sea” exhibition. Once you’ve found it, you have to tell the story, draw it, dramatise it and make a film out of it.

The film workshop is for children aged 8–12, max. 25 children per group.