Hiking trip on the Gendarme path - 5 nights
Hiking trip on the Gendarme path - 5 nights
Hiking trip on the Gendarme path - 5 nights
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Hiking trip on the Gendarme path - 5 nights

The Gendarme Path runs from the Danish-German border at Padborg to Sønderborg and Skovby on the island of Als. The path follows the old route alongside Flensburg Fjord where the Danish border gendarmes patrolled during the period from 1920 until 1958. Most of the route follows the coast and passes through a varied landscape of forests, bogs and meadows.

NOTE: If you cannot start hiking on day 1, make a reservation for an extra night at Hotel Arnkilhus Garni the day before. This can be done under the "Accommodation - Hotels" tab.

Itinerary for this package:

Day 1:
Arrival at Hotel Arnkilhus Garni, Sønderborg.
You leave your baggage at Hotel Arnkilhus Garni and will be picked up by AT Taxi at the agreed time. On this first day you must arrange your pick-up time with AT Taxi before arrival. The driver will drive you out to the start of Gendarmstien in Skovby (approx. 20 km hike) or to Høruphav (approx. 10 km hike), from where you’ll walk back to Hotel Arnkilhus Garni. If you want something to eat on your hike, you can stock up on provisions in Skovby, or in Sønderborg before being picked up.

Check-in at Arnkilhus is between 2.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. You need to make your own arrangements for dinner, but you’ll find plenty of restaurants in the centre of Sønderborg.
If you’re arriving by car, you can park at the hotel while you’re on the hike. If you’re arriving by train, the hotel is a short walk from the station. 

*If you wish to book an extra night at Arnkilhus before this day, contact Destination Sønderjylland before booking.

Day 2:
After breakfast, where you can make your own packed lunch, we head off towards Gammelmark Strand. The hike begins with a beautiful walk up to the top of Dybbøl Banke and through the entrenchments, where you’re rewarded with a magnificent view of Flensburg Fjord. When you arrive at Gammelmark Strand in the afternoon, AT Taxi will pick you up and drive you back to Hotel Arnkilhus Garni. Once again, you must make your own arrangements for dinner at one of Sønderborg’s many restaurants.

Day 3:
Once again, you can make your own packed lunch for the day at breakfast. After breakfast, you’ll be picked up by AT Taxi and driven back to Gammelmark, where you stopped the previous day. From here you walk to Iller Slot, a distance of around 20 kilometres on the peninsula at Broagerland. On arrival at Iller Slot, you can relax in your room or in the common areas before dinner is served in the dining room.

Day 4:
After eating breakfast and preparing your packed lunch, you continue the hike to Sønderhav, where you’ll be staying the night in small apartments at Visherredgaard. The hike is around 20 km and runs through Gråsten.
Dinner at Visherredgaard will be provided by one of our local restaurants.
NB Re. Visherredgaard: On departure, you must pay for consumption of electricity/heat: DKK 5 per kWh.
In addition, there’s a deposit of DKK 500 for your key.
Both of the above must be paid in cash to the host.

Day 5:
After breakfast and making your packed lunch, you walk the final section of Gendarmstien to Padborg – approx. 15 km. This is a hilly stretch where sections of the path run right along the border – between forest and sea, and Denmark and Germany.
Once you arrive in Padborg, you’ll be picked up by AT Taxi and driven back to Sønderborg, where you’ll be staying at Arnkilhus on your final night. Spend the evening enjoying a good dinner in the town. 

Day 6:
Breakfast and departure.

On arrival at Arnkilhus, you’ll receive a welcome package that includes maps of the route and the phone number of the driver. Remember to arrange the time at which you wish to be picked up by AT Taxi before arrival. You’ll receive AT Taxi’s phone number a week before arrival. 

Your baggage must be delivered to Reception before 09:30 on the morning of your departure so that the driver can transfer it to the next accommodation venue by 4:00 pm.

If you experience any problems in connection with booking, please contact Destination Sønderjylland on +45 8182 4570 from Monday to Friday, or send us a mail on info@dssj.dk

Included in the price:
• 5 x night in shared double room – single room available at some accommodation venues
• 5 x breakfast
• 4 x packed lunch (make your own)
• 2 x evening meal (Iller Slot and Visherredgaard)
• 3 x baggage transfer (1 item per person, max. 20 kg)
• 4 x personal transfer