Hiking on the Marsh Trail
Hiking on the Marsh Trail
Hiking on the Marsh Trail
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Hiking on the Marsh Trail

The Marsh Trail is a 54 km brand-new hiking path that takes you through the largest marsh area in Denmark, known as Tøndermarsken.
You will encounter a very special landscape formed by human habitation and man’s attempts to control water. This living historical landscape is also home to outstanding birdlife with areas of particular international value. Part of the area is a National Park, and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In August 2021 Marskstien - The Marsh Trail - received the honor of being Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe from the European Ramblers Association.

Around the fringes of the marsh are a number of highly characteristic towns. Tønder, Møgeltønder and Højer stand on what is known as the “geestrand”. This is a slightly elevated ridge on which people could live, safe from the water. Rudbøl and Nørremølle are the only villages built on dykes in Denmark.

Along the way you will experience the unique marshland – low-lying ground that was originally completely covered by the sea. The clay particles in seawater settled, building up the fertile clay soil of the marsh. Today, the sea and river are kept at bay using dykes.

Day 1
Arrival at Marskhotellet in Højer. There is no planned walking on day 1, so you have the opportunity to experience Højer. You can check-in to the hotel from 2 PM.
Dinner is a Marsh Tapas platter served at the hotel.
If you arrive by car, you can leave your car at the hotel while you are hiking.

Day 2 – 23 km
After breakfast you will receive a packed lunch for today’s stage and then you are ready to head off! Today, the stage takes you from Højer to Emmerlev and then on to Rudbøl where you will spend the night at Rudbøl Grænsekro. Dinner will be served at the inn.

Day 3 – 16 km
Enjoy a breakfast buffet and receive a packed lunch. Today, you will walk from Rudbøl along Vidåen and onto Tønder, where you will stay at the recently renovated Hostrups Hotel in the heart of Tønder. Dinner is at the hotel.

Day 4 – 15 km
Enjoy a breakfast buffet and receive a packed lunch for the last stage. Today’s route runs through the beautiful village Møgeltønder before returning to Højer and Marskhotellet, where you stayed the first night. You luggage will be waiting for you here.

It is possible to purchase luggage transport. At booksonderjylland.dk you will find the tab "transport" and then select "luggage transport on Marskstien" and choose "Hiking on the Marsh trail".

Beverages are not included

On this trip it is not possible to bring your dog.