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Guided tour of Tørning Mill

Tørning Mill has a 1000-year old history. Up until 1597 the Danish kings and Slesvigske counts ravaged and fought on and around Tørning Fortress. From then until today the hydroelectric power has made the place an industrial adventure within the mill industry.

From the beginning of the 13th century up until 1597 Tørning Fortress was located on site and a vast part of Southern Jutland was controlled from here. Several bloody battles were fought over and over between the Slesvigske counts and the Danish kings. Tørning Fortress has been under siege multiple times over a long period of time but has never been conquered. Today only the fortress bank remains as a part of the adjacent park. From 1597 the place has been used to run a mill business. The mills burned down with 100 years intervals and each time they were constructed bigger and bigger. In 1912 Europe’s most contemporary industrial mill was constructed with 6 floors at Tørning Milll and it has operated up until 1975.
A tour consists of a view in the exhibition, a hike on the castle bank, a trip to the garden with the beautifully aged trees, a tour in the mill with the water turbine facility, in shire Holms house, and the newly established Culture- and Activity barn if there are no events.
The tour is in Danish and lasts around 1½ hours.