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Guided tour through the exhibit: FAITH! – Reformation in South Jutland

The exhibit tells how reformation, in a period of a few years, led to great changes in church, society, and for the individual, through pictures, text, replicas of a Catholic and Protestant church, and unique documents.

A visit to the exhibit will take you on a journey through time, beginning in the late Catholic times, when prayers to the Saints and the purchase of indulgences for the savior of one’s soul was common, through the time of Luther and his “True Faith”, as it took place in Haderslev and South Jutland, and finally to Protestant times, where the savior of one’s soul depended on personal and individual FAITH! and God’s word was the only fast anchor.

Tours at 11 AM are in German
Tours at 2 PM are in Danish
There are no tours in English

The ticket includes:
Adult: Guided tour, coffee/tea and admittance to all exhibitions
Child (0 - 17 years): Guided tour, soda and admittance to all exhibitions

Must be booked at least 24 hours before the start of the tour.