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Guided fishing trip – fly fishing

Guided fishing trips on the east coast. Duration: 4 or 8 hours. We will take you to the most interesting fishing spots of the moment and teach you tips and tricks about fishing on the eastern coast of Southern Jutland.

4 hours incl. sandwich and water/coffee. Max 3 people
8 hours incl. sandwich and water/coffee as well as bait. Max 3 people

Along the open coasts, islands, fjords and the many coves along the Baltic Sea in Southern Jutland you can always find an ideal spot for fly fishing. It is not without reason that fly fishing is popular in this area. There are few areas in the world where you can find this many excellent fly fishing locations along the coast within short driving distances. Along the Baltic Sea coast you spend your angling time efficiently and in excellent surroundings and not by driving long distances in your car to reach distant fishing locations.

We speak Danish, German and English
Depending on the time of year we will focus on: sea trout, cod, flatfish, pollack or garfish.

Booking no later than one week before departure. You will be informed about the meeting place in an e-mail 2-3 days before the event.