Kom tæt på F16 jagerne hos Fighter Wing Skrydstrup
Kom tæt på F16 jagerne hos Fighter Wing Skrydstrup
Kom tæt på F16 jagerne hos Fighter Wing Skrydstrup
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Get up close to an F16 fighter at Fighter Wing Skrydstrup

As something very special Fighter Wing Skrydstrup is inviting tourists on a guidet tour of the military air base this year. Get in behind the fence and experience life at a military working place which normally is closed to the public for security reasons.

Fighter Wing Skrydstrup is the home base of the Danish Air Force fleet of F-16 fighters and the many people who work on the aircrafts every day. The tour takes place in a bus with an employee of the base as a guide. On the tour you will stop several times and you get the chance to get very close to an F-16 fighter. As one of the first stops, the bus will drive close to the runway of the base hoping to catch the daily start of the F-16s. The content of the tour depends on the operational tasks of the Fighter Wing on that day

Fighter Wing Skrydstrup is affiliated with the propeller driven T-17 Saab Supporter which is utilized for training and transportation assignments. There is always a rescue helicopter on alert whose primary assignment is to conduct searches and aid crashes in Southern Denmark. Finally, the Fire and Rescue unit at Fighter Wing Skrydstrup is tasked with saving human lives in case of aircraft accidents, building fires, traffic accidents, and other types of accidents with harzardours materials. Fire and Rescue have a range of different vehicles from fire trucks to specialized vehicles. The trucks in the flashy yellow colours have their daily work at or around the air base.

The entire area of Fighter Wing Skrydstrup comprises 856 hectare which equals more than 1700 football fields. Fighter Wing Skrydstrup has three runways, all 3.5 km. long. The width of the runways are 25 m., 35 m., and 50 m. On the widest runway two aircrafts can take-off and land at the same time.

Since it is a military operations air base the tours can under certain circumstances be cancelled with short warning. The tour is recommended from age 7. You cannot bring pushchairs, prams and such. The trip will be cancelled if there are less than 10 participants.

Meeting place: Military runway close to Ribevej 38, 6500 Vojens, GPS coordinates: N 55.242171 Ø 9.259497
All visitors must bring a passport.
State name and passport number for every participant in the commentary field.

The tour is in Danish and English
The tour is from 12.30 to 15.00