Experience Gendarmstien in a kayak
Experience Gendarmstien in a kayak
Experience Gendarmstien in a kayak
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Experience Gendarmstien in a kayak

Gendarmstien is one of the most popular hiking routes in Denmark, but you can also choose to follow the historic path from the water in a kayak.

Together with Fox Motion og Hygge, you can experience the fun of paddling in a kayak and Gendarmstien on a new and exciting adventure.

Fox Motion og Hygge offers 4 different trips that require you to paddle different distances. The trips are between 6 and 11 km, so they’re suitable for both experienced and novice paddlers. During the trip you’ll learn a lot about the history of Gendarmstien, at the same time as which you learn to paddle safely and have fun on the water.
Full instruction and a safety briefing are held before heading out onto the water. Suitable clothing is also important to ensure that you feel comfortable and warm on the water. You can borrow a wet suit and paddling jacket if you let us know when booking your trip (Neoprene Wetsuit Long Johns and paddling jacket).

For each trip there are 4 kayaks for 1 person (over 14 years of age and can swim). Furthermore, there is 1 kayak that has room for 2 adults and 1 child (less than 45 kg). This kayak can also be rented by 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child. If you wish to book this kayak for 2-3 people, then contact Destination Sønderjylland and we’ll help you with your booking.

If you have your own kayak and wish to use this on the trip, then you can buy a ticket at half price. Contact Destination Sønderjylland if you’d like to paddle in your own kayak, and we’ll help you with your booking.

Fox Hygge og Motion offers the following 4 trips:

Trip 1. From Vibæk Vandmølle to Sønderborg
The route takes us along Gendarmstien, where we enjoy the varied and attractive coastal landscape on the way from Lebøl Løkke to Skydestranden in Sønderborg.
At the end of the trip a shuttle will take you back to Vibæk Vandmølle.

Trip 2. Round trip in Sønderborg
On this trip we paddle round in the harbour in Sønderborg and talk about the history of Gendarmstien. What happened between 1839 and 1958? How has the townscape changed over time?

Trip 3. Broagerland from Dynt Strand (Gammelmark) to Skelde Mark
Paddling a kayak, having a good time and enjoying the scenery are the focal points on this trip.
At the end of the trip a shuttle will take you back to Dynt Strand.

Trip 4. Cathrinesminde: Brunsnæs – Brickworks - Brunsnæs
On this kayak trip the focus is on industrial culture and the history of the brickworks in Flensburg Fjord. The many bricks on the coast and elsewhere bear witness to the halcyon days of brick production. We paddle up the brickworks path, where many different types of bricks can be seen on the beach.