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Det Lille Sted

We are Eliska and Igor and we share a passion for quality – quality that is implemented and presented in the best possible manner. And we absolutely refuse to compromise; only the best is good enough!

By merging Eliska and iGourmet, we enable our guests to delve into nuances of flavour that they won’t find elsewhere. Gastronomic wizardry in the kitchen and drinks that can only be found at a few other places in Denmark make each visit a unique experience.
We’ve combined our experiences from each of our native countries and Denmark’s leading restaurants with the wishes and observations of our guests. And here’s the result – Det Lille Sted.

In week 9 the Gourmet week menu consists of a starter, a main course and a dessert.
Starter: Slow-roasted salmon fillet on a bed of potato and spinach, crispy cod skin, hand-peeled luxury prawns, saffron sauce, trout roe, pea shoots.
Sous vide veal on a bed of truffle marinaded crispy lettuce, truffle cream and balsamic glaze, freshly grated truffle.
Main course: Truffle pommes Duchesse, celeriac purée, sous vide and slow-roasted black Angus flank steak, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, port demi-glace, truffle bearnaise, garlic shoots.
Dessert: Bavarois with plain chocolate mousse on top, almond milk and raspberry jelly in the middle, finished off with chocolate sponge, ganache and almonds, served with strawberry sorbet.