Denmark’s longest zip line at over 500 m
Denmark’s longest zip line at over 500 m
Denmark’s longest zip line at over 500 m
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Denmark’s longest zip line at over 500 m

Glide more than 500 metres along the fjord. Embark on a modern-day rite of passage on the Urban Zipline, ACTURE PARK, from the 30-metre-high silo at Haderslev Harbour. Enjoy an adrenaline tick and a lurch in your stomach as you glide out across the fjord and view the town from up high.

At the foot of the silo, you are kitted out with safety equipment and given thorough instruction to ensure that you are ready to climb the 100 or so steps to the top of the silo before being launched out on the zip line from the edge. The experience is only for those daring enough to launch themselves from the edge – ready for the ultimate glide and a truly unique experience.

Urban Zipline, ACTURE PARK can only be experienced and tried from 25 August to 3 September, so don’t delay! Book your ticket now! Read more here and in the link

Practical information:
The purchase of a ticket implies acceptance of the safety guidelines. Read here:
-No admission with loose-fitting clothing or items
-Age limit: 10+. (Access to the top of the silo is for paying participants only)
-To climb the stairs in the silo, you must be in generally good shape and fully able to walk.
-Tickets are non-refundable if you are unable to complete the ride.

The following people may not use the zip lines:
-Guests under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
-Pregnant women
-People weighing more than 110 kg
-People with respiratory issues, a bad heart, bad back/neck