Gemeinsame Eintrittskarte für die Abteilungen des Museum Sønderjylland
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Combination ticket to the departments of Museum Sønderjyllands

The Museum of Southern Jutland is a museum for natural history, cultural history, and art. The combination ticket provides acces to the departments of the museum for 2 weeks. Entrance to the Battlefield Centre Dybbol Banke, Dybbol Mill and the exhibition at Hjemsted Oldtidspark are NOT included.

The Museum of Southern Jutland (Museum Sønderjylland) is characterized by an organization with many departments scattered all over the southern part of Jutland. The departments of Museum Sønderjylland cover the history and development of the borderlands.

If you are interested in learning more about Museum Sønderjylland and our departments you can visit our homepage wich contains information such as addresses, opening hours, telephone numbers, description of the individual department and much more.

You can also read about the many possibilities to combine your visits and tickets to the individual departments and you can read more about the experinces that the combination ticket offers.