Strandsurfing ved Vesterhavet for 1 person
Strandsurfing ved Vesterhavet for 1 person
Strandsurfing ved Vesterhavet for 1 person
Strandsurfing ved Vesterhavet for 1 person
Strandsurfing ved Vesterhavet for 1 person
Strandsurfing ved Vesterhavet for 1 person
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Blokarting on the North Sea coast for 1 person

From 12-70 years of age. Fun and active adventure on the island of Rømø – with high-speed thrills and the wind in your hair. You’ll learn to master a blokart in no time!

The Wadden Sea on the west coast of Denmark is actually on UNESCO’s World Heritage List – in the lofty company of spectacular sites such as the Grand Canyon and the Egyptian pyramids. So get ready for a memorable experience in magnificent natural surroundings and the best adrenalin rush of the summer! Settle into the blokart, feel the wind tug at the sail and experience the thrill of rushing along the beach on Rømø, while you confidently tame the forces of the wind with your sail.
Whether you run at speeds of 20 km/h or 50 km/h is totally up to you. Our highly skilled instructors ensure that you enjoy a safe, fun and thrilling day on the beach – which you can also enjoy in the company of friends or family. After your blokarting experience, you can borrow a range of beach equipment free of charge or go for a refreshing dip in the sea.

What’s included:
● 1 hour’s blokarting on the beach
● Hire of blokart, helmet and gloves
● Skilled instructors, training and safety instruction (languages: Danish, German, English)
● 8 km2 closed area of beach dedicated to blokarting
● Hire of a range of beach equipment such as tetherball, spikeball, petanque, barbecue, etc.

About OurStuff
At OurStuff we have many years’ experience of instruction in blokarting and hosting events on the beach on Rømø, which, in our opinion, is the world’s best combined sandpit and playground. Several of our instructors are on the Danish national team, and we’re supporting the ongoing endeavours of these athletes to represent Denmark at the OIympic Games in Paris in 2024. Book an experience that has the wind rushing through your hair and adrenalin pumping through your veins.

Are there 6 or more in your group?
If you’re in a group of 6 or more who wish to try their hand at blokarting, then contact us on +45 27209020 or write to

Practical information

Rules & safety:
● We clean and disinfect all equipment after use.
● You must be at least 12 years of age before you can sail a blokart yourself.
● All participants begin with instruction on our small course.
● It normally takes only 15-20 minutes to learn.
● You must wear a helmet.
● You must keep your distance and follow the instructor’s guidelines.

● Gloves, unless you wish to use those provided by OurStuff.
● Own helmet, unless you wish to use one provided by OurStuff.
● Sunscreen.
● Sunglasses.
● Good footwear and clothes that can keep you warm, as the wind can feel chilly when you’re sailing the blokart at speed.

Online booking must be carried out no later than 2 days prior to the event.

Arrival time: 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.

Blokarting is dependent on the weather. If the weather isn’t suitable for blokarting, we reserve the right to cancel. In such cases, you’re of course welcome to book another day free of charge. Ideal wind conditions are 4-9 metres per second.