Sort Sol forår 2021
Sort Sol forår 2021
Sort Sol forår 2021
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Black Sun spring 2021

Experience Denmark’s most spectacular natural phenomenon when the country’s largest flocks of starlings dance in the sky before sunset – it’s the best spring experience in nature right now.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this spring season’s guided tours to experience starling murmuration will take place in your own car. We meet at the marshes outside Tønder and you either drive in your own car closer to the spot at which the starlings settle for the night or walk out to the starlings, a trip of around 1-2 km. We won’t be crossing the border to Germany, which is currently closed. If the starlings should unexpectedly move south of the border, then the experience may be somewhat limited as a result.
The murmuration of migrating starlings in the marshes – known in Danish as Sort Sol, literally Black Sun – is a unique and magical natural attraction that can be experienced when Sort Safari presents the country’s largest flocks of starlings. See the starlings “dance” as they constantly create new formations above the marsh at sundown after a long day looking for food. Starling murmuration occurs when hundreds of thousands of starlings gather above swathes of reeds in order to find a resting place for the night, knowing full well that there may be a struggle for life and death if hungry birds of prey begin to attack. During the trip, you get close to the marsh and hear about the nature in the region, the life of the starlings and the phenomenon of murmuration.
Starling murmuration is difficult to describe in words; you have to see, hear and smell it for yourself at least once in your life!

The trip lasts around 2½ hours (incl. drive in own car and/or walk)
A walk of 1-2 km should be expected
We recommend warm, windproof and waterproof clothing and practical footwear. Take a pair of binoculars and a waterproof mat to sit on

Meeting point: Check your voucher for your meeting point.