Die Schlacht um Alsen
Die Schlacht um Alsen
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The Battle of Als

Spectators will be bombarded with experiences when we re-enact the Battle of
Als in the last full weekend of June

We begin Friday evening at 16.30 with a parade through Sønderborg city. Danish and Prussian
soldiers march together in full uniform.

Saturday the soldier’s camp is open from 10.00-18.00 with a host of activities for the
whole family, all connected with the war in 1864. The soldiers’ camp is placed on the Kær
peninsula north of Sønderborg. The main event is the scenario when the Prussian forces cross the Alssund under
cover of darkness. We will re-enact the scene at the historically correct time, that is, 02.00 o’clock. The cannons
will crash and the Danish ironclad, Rolf Krake, will appear in the gloom off Arnkilsøre and begin shelling the
boats carrying the Prussian soldiers.

Will it succeed?