Autumn in the marshes
Autumn in the marshes
Autumn in the marshes
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Autumn in the marshes

2 nights – Stay overnight at Marsk Camp in your own camper van, experience the spectacular murmuration of starlings and see the marshes from on high in Marsk Tower.

Experience the beautiful autumnal colours in the marsh landscape around Skærbæk before your camper van is retired for the winter. 
At the camper van site at Marsk Camp you’ll be staying in the middle of the marshes. The site is laid out with concrete foundations for the camper van, toilet and shower facilities and an off-leash dog park for any four-legged friends you may have with you. In addition to overnight accommodation at Marsk Camp, you can eat at the restaurant, play miniature golf and enjoy the surrounding landscape. Also included in the package is a ticket to Marsk Tower, where you can experience the marshes from on high. 

Autumn in the marshes is synonymous with the spectacular phenomenon known as Sort Sol, which – translated into English – means black sun. Large flocks of starlings fly over the marshes in spectacular formations and you have the chance to experience this fantastic display at close quarters. The package includes a ticket for a guided bus tour run by Sort Safari, a company which has a great deal of experience of this natural phenomenon. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the starlings will perform “as advertised on the ticket”, but the guides from Sort Safari have many years of experience of the natural phenomenon and it’s extremely rare that the birds don’t appear at all. The guides from Sort Safari observe the birds during the day, thus helping them to predict where the starlings will settle in the evening. This gives you as a guest the best possible chance of experiencing the spectacular murmuration of the starlings.

The package includes:
Guided tour to Sort Sol with Sort Safari
Ticket to Marsk Tower
Overnight stay in own camper van at Marsk Camp

Day 1
Check-in at Marsk Camp is possible after 12.00. Depending on when you arrive at Marsk Camp, there’s a chance to play a round of miniature golf at Marsk Camp’s Wadden Sea inspired course or to go for a walk in the area. Tickets are also reserved for a trip to the top of the Marsk Tower, where you can enjoy the view of the marsh. 
Your stay doesn’t include board, but you can always choose to eat lunch and dinner at Marsk Restaurant at your own expense. Visit the website at to see opening hours. 

Day 2
In the afternoon/evening there’s a guided bus tour to experience the spectacular murmuration of starlings known as Sort Sol. Sort Safari runs the tour and takes you out to see the starlings at close quarters. Remember to dress according to the weather and wear practical shoes, as well as taking your passport with you in case the starlings are south of the Danish/German border. The specific time of the guided tour and meeting point will appear in the booking.
Overnight stay at Marsk Camp and option of eating at the restaurant. 

Day 3
Check out by 12.00 noon.