Das Geschichtszentrum Dybbøl Banke im Herbst
Das Geschichtszentrum Dybbøl Banke im Herbst
Das Geschichtszentrum Dybbøl Banke im Herbst
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Autumn at Battlefield Center Dybbøl Banke

Are you ready to storm the entrenchment? Having waited outside the impressive Danish entrenchments for nearly ten weeks more than 30.000 Prussian soldiers attached on April 18th 1864. Between the 14th and 22nd of October you can test your skills at being a Prussian soldier at Battlefield Center Dybbøl Banke.

We start in front of the entrenchments and follow the path of the Prussians up to and into the entrenchment. Up the protective hills and straight towards the lethal Danish cannons that are firing at us. Finally, we reach the top of the hill where the Danish soldiers are ready for battle. Who will survive?

You can also try some the other activities at the Battlefield Center. Make your own cannonball, bake a pancake, write a letter and sign up for boot-camp. Test your skills at our murder mystery and discover who killed the Danish soldier in the entrenchment.

Opening hours:
The Battlefield Center is open every day 14th – 22nd of October between 10 am and 5 pm. The entrenchments are stormed every day.

Practical information:
Remember warm clothes and practical footwear as most of the activities take place outside.
You are welcome to enjoy your own food at the tables in the courtyard.
Dogs are welcome.