3 course venison menu
3 course venison menu
3 course venison menu
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3 course venison menu

Indulge yourself in the taste of autumn with this venison dinner at Danhostel Haderslev. Tag along on an excursion in Haderslev Deer Park where you can experience the game up close. Afterwards you can enjoy a delicious venison dinner at the historic hostel.

Booking deadline 2 days before. The event will only be held with minimum 16 persons.

Danhostel Haderslev is located right next to Haderslev Pond with a breathtaking view of the pond. Right at the heart of these beautiful settings a 3 course venison dinner is served. The 3 course dinner consists of:

First course (appetizer):
Smoked red deer sliced thinly
Home pickled red onion
Bed of tender salad
Stirred fresh cheese
Arranged on a plate

Main course:
Pink roasted haunch of venison
Wild boar roasted with seasoning
Grilled chicken breast
Oven baked spiced potatoes
2 – 3 tasty salads of the season
Home baked bread
Arranged on a buffet

Homemade brownies
Stirred vanilla icecream
Arranged on a buffet