Experiences and attractions For Nature Lovers

Riding in beautiful nature

To experience nature from a horse’s back is something quite special. A ride on a horse in Sønder Vilstrup is plenty of fresh air, unique nature experiences, and a good time for the whole family.

Vilstrup is located near a very popular area with holiday homes by Haderslev and offer plenty of great opportunities for riding on the beach, in the forest, on the road, and along paths and fields.

We offer riding trips in walks with durations of both 1 hour and 2 hours. There will be a guide with you on the trip. The route is not particularly demanding so you don’t have to be an experienced rider, but you need to be comfortable around horses.

For the 2 hours ride you can buy a food basket containing a sandwich, soft drink, and a little snack that you can enjoy during a small break. You can also bring your own food in a bagpack.

Choose between four lovely horses who are all calm.
Durøy is a little sweet pony who is quiet and calm and loves to ride.
Coka is a big sweet pony who is slow but always ready for a ride.
Nadja is an older horse who doesn’t let herself get disturbed or frightened by the surroundings while she walks forward.

You can rent a free riding helmet at the stables. Remember to wear practical clothes. Riding in shorts and open shoes cannot be recommended.

Important! Riding is at your own risk. Vilstrup Ungdoms- og Idrætsforenings rideklub is organiser. We do not have insurance that cover personal injuries during riding or other horse related incidents. We encourage all riders to have a fritidsulykkesforsikring (insurance against leisure accidents). Upon irresponsible behavior and intended damage to horse or other equipment the user will be held accountable.

Tickets must be booked 48 hours before the activity at the latest.