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Oyster Festival - Plenty of history in a single mouthful

Welcome to the Oyster Festival’s original oyster safari. The Wadden Sea National Park is home to completely unexpected and overwhelming experiences, and there are many ways in which to experience the world’s most important tidal zone.

The Wadden Sea National Park and UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. If you wish to stimulate all your senses, then an oyster safari is the ultimate experience.

The oyster safari takes place at low tide, where we walk out onto the exposed mudflats to banks of oysters that are found in the cleanest part of the Wadden Sea. The soft sea bed can be a challenge, but most people won’t experience any problems – although sensible clothes and close-fitting wellington boots are a must.

When you’ve collected enough fruits of the sea, it’s time to taste the fresh oysters. Tales are told of the Wadden Sea’s oysters, which as a royal privilege and export item generated a fortune, but which died out and were later replaced by a new oyster adventure with a base on the island of Sylt. A true tale of riches, power and decline.

The trip lasts around 2½ hours
We recommend practical, warm, windproof and waterproof clothing and wellington boots.
Remember to bring a bucket for oysters, a fork if you wish to dig up soft-shell clams, etc., and waterproof gloves.
It can be a good idea to bring a change of clothes.

The oyster bank that we visit is situated in the cleanest part of the Wadden Sea, although eating oysters is always undertaken at your own risk.