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Night hunting with spearguns for seatrout

On this adventure, you will receive instructions about safety, equipment, freediving, and fishing techniques with a speargun. First, we enter the water to practise. After a break, we re-enter the water after sunset to hunt seatrout with flashlights and spearguns.

Imagine yourself swimming silently along some seaweed bushes in shallow water near the beach. The sun has already set, and the only things you can see is what your diving torch illuminates. Suddenly a seatrout appears a few meters in front of you. You take aim, fire your speargun and the fish is caught. Speargun hunting at night is a very exciting and popular sport in Denmark. Many seatrouts and flounders search for food near the coastline, because there is more food for them here. With Snorkelsafari.dk you can try this adventure and rent all the necessary equipment and wetsuits. You must be at least 18 years old and be a capable swimmer to participate. You also must be between 155cm. to 200cm. tall to fit into my wetsuits. This guided adventure takes about 4 hours of which half of the time takes place in the water. The rest of the time is spent on instructions, getting in and out of the wetsuits, equipment, and general questions to the guide.

Once you have booked you need to send an e-mail to admin@snorkelsafari.dk to receive a mail regarding wetsuit size.

- The tour takes approximately 2 hours, half of which we will spend in the water
- Age limit: Minimum 18 years old
- Participation requirements: You can swim and are in decent health
- Meeting place: At the reception at Gammelbro Camping, Gammelbrovej 70, 6100 Haderslev

Booking at least 24 hours in advance